Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best way of flea control of your dog

We love to have a pet around us as it destroys the feeling of being in solitude. Some pets become so dear to us that departing with them is unthinkable. I have seen pet owners saying with pride that they love their pets and that it is not just a pet but a part of their family and happiness. Amongst all pets, dogs are the most lovable and loyal to their owners. And any discomfort to your dog should be unbearable to you.

The common problem

Dogs are a great animal and have a relationship with humans that date back to many centuries. Although they have lived within the human society for many years still they seem to be affected by common diseases of the wild. Among them it is the infestation of ticks and fleas.

Ways to control

There are many powders and pills available in the market to remove fleas from your dog. But most of them do not have a long lasting effect as they are not up to the mark. A new product that promises complete eradication for few months is the comfortis pill.

The comfortis is a pill that can be chewed and digested. Once inside the dog’s stomach the pill starts killing the fleas from the inside. The fleas that feast on the dog’s blood drop down dead one by one. And another startling good news is that it also kills the ticks although the product says it is been designed for fleas. So it is double advantage in flea control for you.

The advantage flea control is that your dog will have a healthy life. The fleas feed on the blood of the dogs and the bad news is that they like human’s blood too. So if you are really worried then you must destroy the fleas and ticks as soon as possible.

Under the customer review you can see that the pill has completely eliminated the fleas for a total period of six months. The price of comfortis is little high but if it is getting rid of fleas, it should not be much of a concern.

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