Thursday, March 25, 2010

Choosing a Dog For a Pet - Good Or Bad Idea?

Pets can bring only happiness to people. If some of them think otherwise, they should not get a pet because it is obvious that caring for an animal they see as a problem. Everything that is alive in this world needs care and attention whether it is a person, animal or plant. Caring for someone means to give it what it needs in order to be happy.

Life is full of obligation that people are required to do. If you know that your schedule is full and that you do not have additional time to spend on proper care for pet, then you should give up that idea, right away. Another possibility is to get a less demanding pet, gold fish or someone like that. Those kinds of pets do not require much of your time and attention but also they are not affectionate and cannot give any love in return. Maybe that is something that you wanted but if you do not have enough time, than you should delay it for later, when circumstances are different.

Dog is the kind of a pet that becomes your friend in a very short period. Dogs are loving, friendly and they are able to return all love and attention that you are giving to them and even more. When you come home from somewhere, members of your family can pass on saying hello to you or on showing joy that you are back but not the dog. Dog is happy to see you every time, no matter how long you were absent.

But for all this, that dogs are able to give us, we need to be responsible for them. Dogs are one of the most demanding types of pets. They need constant attention and care. Good and quality care for dog means regular walking and playing outside. When health of the dog is considered, regular visits to veterinarian and providing a healthy food for your dog are required. Hygiene is very important, too. Your dog needs to be good looking and clean so you need to take him regularly to beauty salon for dogs. In case that you want to save money and that you have extra time to spare on your dog, you can do it by yourself.

Ignoring anyone's needs is morally wrong, especially if that someone depends on you. That is why you should not get the dog for a pet if you know that you cannot provide proper care for a dog. And proper care means a lot of energy and attention.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dog Care - Key Issues to Consider

Dog care is so important to a healthy dog that it is worth working through this advice. Whether preparing the home for the dog, organizing a routine or dog training, dog grooming or dog walking, you will find advice here. The dog care is similar to human care. The care of our pooch is so important that one will research on the web, speak to dog professionals and even discuss with your pooch. Dog care is very similar to the care we give our children. With correct care they will give ten or more years of pleasure. As in our health, the early periods of life are crucial. The professionals who can give help include vets, dog trainers and dog walkers.

Dog care should start before you bring him home. You need to prepare the entire family for the pooches arrival. A new arrival can put the nose out of joint of people and animals. You also need to puppy proof your house. To do this well, is to put you in his mind set, crawl around the house, look for where he can fall, that can trap or poison him. If your pooch has health problems, even with the best canine care, it can happen and can be very expensive. So consider purchasing pet insurance.

Another important decision is to choose whether your loved one should be neutered. Most canine professionals advise this, quoting research that neutering leads to longer life and less behavioral problems. In the current credit crisis there are too many dogs in rescue homes. It might be also worth considering choosing your pet from one of these charities.

If your pooch will be near children consider their safety, with twenty percent of the four and a half million people bitten by dogs needing medical attention. To improve the dog safety ensure that your dog has good training, that the pooch has plenty of exercise. If you cannot give the pooch enough exercise consider using a professional dog walker, who will normally help you with the obedience training and dog care as well.To help your puppy, set up a plan for puppy socialization so he will be able to deal well with humans and other animals. Similar to us humans, dog care requires vaccinations, so choose a vet and get the injections done for your canine friend.

He will need a place to rest and sleep. The use of a crate or cage is often a good investment to give him a safe place to rest. To give good care you will need brushes, collars, leads, beds and blankets. For good dog care, set up a good regular routine. Include some dog training, starting simple obedience training, just 10 minutes a day of say clicker training is enough. Feed your canine at regular times and with a variety of foods. Similar to you avoid too many treats, apart from as part of dog training. Never feed at the table, it is difficult to stop afterwords. In the routine, ensure exercise for him, dogs originally walked long distances and most can walk for more than ten miles a day. To keep him healthy you need him to be exercised enough, depending on the breed one to two hours a day is needed. This regular dog walking often reduces problems such as separation anxiety.

Dog grooming is also important for your pooches care. Wild animals can groom and wash themselves. Ensure that you program this time in, it is not a chore, but a pleasure where you can have some quality time together. Many people think that dog bathing is required. There are those who say it should be frequent and those who only do it when they get dirty. The right frequency depends on the breed and hair type and length and their lifestyle. I favor longer periods where the skin is protected by their essential oils that shampoos can wash out. So in summary dog care is key to having a wonderful relationship with your dog, so plan it and spend time on it, With it you both will have fun together.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dog Aggression Causes - By Jon Dakins

Dog aggression expresses itself in many ways - aggression toward other dogs, people, animals and even toys - but the causes are relatively straightforward.


All dogs have the potential for aggression. Before dogs became our trusted companions, they had to fend for themselves - hunting for food, protecting their territory and caring for their pack.

Even after they were domesticated, dogs continued to use aggression to secure their place in the pack. Terriers kept small animals away, Rottweilers guarded people and cattle, and Lhasa Apsos sounded the alarm in Tibet. Nearly all dog breeds have an interesting resume, with many relying on aggression to secure their position.

While breed doesn't guarantee personality, the dog's lineage is a good indicator of the probability that he will display aggression, and his biological make-up has a significant impact on how aggressive he becomes.


The dog's environment, level of socialization and life experiences directly influence his aggressiveness. Dogs raised around dogs, kids, and animals are less likely to act aggressively, especially when they have been rewarded for good behavior.

Socializing your dog reduces his aggression; because of his positive associations toward these things he learns to enjoy (or at least tolerate) them. In addition, dog training goes a long way toward showing him what behaviors you prefer.

When a dog is not socialized to others he is more likely to develop anxieties and become fear aggressive.

Traumatic experiences can also trigger aggression. Any experience that scares a dog can cause him to act aggressively in the future under similar circumstances.

Medical Causes

Medical issues are another cause of aggression. The dog's health impacts his personality as well as how he feels. A dog that is in pain or sick in some other way may lash out under circumstances that he otherwise would not. Often when a dog turns aggressive all of a sudden, the underlying cause turns out to be a medical ailment.

Nature, experience and medical reasons are the most common causes of dog aggression. To reduce the odds of your dog being aggressive, make sure you address each of these areas.

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tips to Make your Dog Happy

How to make your dog happy is a million dollar question. But it is so simple than you think. Please do follow the following tips to make your dog happier than ever-

1. Spay or neuter-

Do you know the dogs that are spayed or neutered lead a longer and happier life? Yes!!! It is true. If money is really constraint for this operation, do contact the local animal shelter. They will have programs that your dog can be spayed at the minimal cost of $10.

2. Avoid Feeding Common Human Foods

Most of the human foods are allergic to pets. If you want to do right thing for your pet, don't feed common food items like raw yeast, onion, caffeine, chocolate, garlic, alcohol, etc. These are highly injurious to health of your dog.

3. Provide Proper Exercise

Daily exercise is must for dog. A dog without exercise will become more obese and suffer from various health ailments. Daily walking of at least 1 km with your dog is more thna enough to keep your dog hale and healthy.

4. Regular Health Checkups

Although visiting vets office regularly is a costly affair, it's essential for your dog to make it there often. Don't hesitate to ask questions to your vet. You can get more details especially about petmeds that is available in the market to get rid of ticks and fleas. Even you can ask them about proper feeding schedule.

5. Provision of Safe Environment

Just like that of babies, your puppies also so curious to keep everything in their mouth. So you must be very cautious with your available household items. Keep most of the toxic substances out of reachfrom your pets. The common items that is to be avoided to be bitten by your pets include toilet cleaners, human medicines, unused electric cords, nails, etc.

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