Monday, June 30, 2008

Shih Tzu Dogs - Why So Popular?

Shih Tzu dogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. These dogs originated in China where they were palace dogs for the Chinese Emperor. Quite often the terms "regal" and "imperial" are associated with these little dogs.

Shih Tzus are little dogs, ranging in weight from about 9 to 16 pounds. Some dogs have been selected for smaller size, but these do not meet the breed standard for showing. Though the dogs are small, they are stocky and very solid, strong dogs.

The personality of these dogs is one reason they have so many fans. The dogs possess a very lively disposition, but are generally good with other pets and also with children. A Shih Tzu does best as an inside dog with some chances to get outside exercise. These animals are considered a cold climate dog and are very sensitive to high temperatures.

Maybe part of the reason for the high temperature sensitivity of the dogs is the Shih Tzu coat. They have a long flowing double coat great for colder weather. The coat can be styled long or can be cut short as a summer coat. The palm-like tail waves above the body. There is some hair shedding so the hair requires some maintenance including daily brushing to control tangling. Also the snub nose face may require some extra attention to keep the area around the eyes clean and dry.

If you love lively, intelligent dogs that do well indoors, a Shih Tzu may be just the companion for you.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do You Have an Ear For Your Pet's Ear Infection?

Your pet dog or cat or tiger or lion can be inflicted with ear infection and the question is, do you have the ear to "listen" to their pains and suffering when they have ear infection? Or to put it specifically, do you have the eyes and the ears to look for an ear product for pets? It's a good thing you have or else you wouldn't come here looking for one.

As a responsible pet owner, what would you do to contain the cause of pet ear infection or maybe, even prevent its inception? Offline or online, there are several proven effective ear care methods that would likely to work to hamper the harmful activities of fungus, bacteria or mites deep down in the long, narrow and intricate ear canal of your pet.

There are some preventive measures that you might already be aware to prevent ear infection in your pet. Some of these are general and regular cleaning of its ears, trying to see to it that no excess water gets inside the ears and of course, giving them the best nutrients that they can get from their foods. Always remember, although foods are the basic needs of animals other than human and plant life forms, it is also true to animals that what they eat can also be dangerous for them.

For example, it's always a no-no to feed a dog with chocolates and you know why? It's because they are prone to allergic reactions. There are foods that can affect their skin and their fur and there are foods that can make them feel so itchy that they will not stop scratching their ears, for instance, even if there are evidences of blood. Doing this can also result to animal ear infection.

Now, however, if the case is getting severe, if there are some recurring infections, conventional treatment will not be able to solve the problem or bring about a sustained or permanent healing for your pet's condition. It is time to consult a veterinarian where he can prescribed antibiotics and other medications.

If you should opt for a more holistic approach in the treatment, the application of topical pet herbal supplements will guarantee to get rid of the root cause of the problem and not just to neutralize ear parasites. And it would be a relief to know that herbal supplements has no side-effects unlike conventional medicines that has a debilitating effect, ranging from a loss of appetite to vigorous vomiting that could cause certain death.

You might say, "Hey, it's just an ear infection and why would my beloved die from it?" Actually, your pet will die because of your negligence and not because of ear infections or any other diseases or illnesses.

Just as with humans, you have to be very attentive to your pet's needs and they really need your utmost care and concern. So, do you have the ear for its ear infection? Don't waste another second to find an ear product for pets and when doing so, you're not just concerned about your pet's health but you're also concerned with the unconventional love and relationship you have with your pet.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Short List of Reasons Why Dogs Bite

Every dog comes equipped with a set of shiny, pointy, sharp teeth. And his or her teeth can be used as a tool or a weapon.

They're a tool when your pooch uses them to pick up something, scratch an itchy spot, or rip his food apart (dog's don't actually chew you know). But they're also a weapon when they're used to protect Fido by inflicting pain on someone or something that means him harm.

So the question is, what makes a dog use his teeth as a weapon (especially when you can't think of a reason why he should)?'s the short list.

Your Dog is Afraid of Something...

Every dog has a different nature. Some are more easily frightened than others...and some (especially rescue dogs) are afraid because they've been abused.

If your dog is biting because he's afraid, you'll need to remove whatever is causing that fear. You also may need to apply a lot of TLC and patience.

Your Dog is Too Excited...

Believe it or not, even the laziest mutt can get over-excited if they're played with too roughly or for too long. This is especially true of younger dogs.

If you get "nipped" during a little rough-housing, you'll need to learn to tone it down and not rile Rover up too much the next time.

Your Dog is Challenging You...

It's in a dog's nature to try to get ahead. By that I mean they naturally vie for "leader of the pack" status from time to time. His biting could mean he's looking for a promotion (because he sees you as his competition).

You'll need to put him in his place. Face him down with some very firm "No's." Ignoring him on purpose and feeding him after you've eaten are good techniques too.

Your Dog is in Pain...

He could be ill; he could have an injury...they can't exactly tell us so we don't know. But an obvious "tell" would be if you try to pet him on a certain part of his body and he growls and nips his disapproval.

Obviously, this situation calls for some veterinary attention. Even if you're not sure, it wouldn't hurt to err on the side of caution and have a vet check him out.

Your Dog was Surprised...

Sneaking up on your buddy and yelling "Boo" in his ear when he's napping is a good way to get twenty teeth marks in your face. Shoot, if you did it to me, I might do the same.

This one's really a no-brainer, so as my daughter used to say when she was in diapers, "No Do Dat."

There you have it, the short list of why your dog bites. If this is more than just a situational problem (like in the case of an abused rescue dog that exhibits the behavior all the time), you'll need at least a lot of patience and kindness...but you might need some expert assistance as well. Play it safe.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Always Buy From A Rottweiler Breeder And Never A Pet Store

A Rottweiler is an investment like any other pet and when you have made the decision that it is time to get a Rottweiler puppy you may want to talk to a reputable Rottweiler breeder and avoid a pet store. A pet store is great for buying all of the supplies you will need for your pet but they should not be allowed to sell living animals at all. The travesty is that a pet store selling puppies gets worse and worse every year.

The different humane societies in the United States refer to places called puppy mills as the sources of puppies for pet stores. In a puppy mill there is no regard for good breeding and in some cases there is no regard for sanitary conditions. Dogs are bred constantly and thrown into a cage and then sold to you. The results can often be very sad and tragic.

When you get your Rottweiler puppy from a Rottweiler breeder your breeder will start you off with detailed care and feeding instructions that you can use to make sure you are giving your dog everything it needs. A breeder took the time to get your puppy used to living in a home setting and has tried to get your puppy used to the clatter and excitement that goes on every day in the average home.

A pet store clerk is there to ring you out and take your money. They usually know nothing about your dog and can offer you absolutely no advice that is going to help you in raising and caring for your dog. Your puppy has only seen people through the grate of a cage and has never been outside their cage so your home will be a brand new, and potentially terrifying, experience for your pet store puppy.

If you get your Rottweiler puppy from a reputable Rottweiler breeder you can pretty much be sure that the puppy is in good health as breeders check for disease and any health issues. If there are problems later on the breeder will work with you to solve them. To a pet store a puppy is a product and some products have problems just by the mass production methods used to make them. This is truly a sad way to treat an animal and is something no one should support.

Pet stores have their niche of selling pet supplies that we all need for our pets but they should not be selling live animals at all. Puppies sold at a pet store have a very low chance of a healthy life and that can be an unfortunate outcome for you and your family as well as the puppy. If people stopped buying puppies from pet stores then maybe they would finally stop selling them and puppy mills would cease to exist.

Sharon Davies is an animal lover with many years of experience breeding many purebred dogs. This article will give you the advantages of buying from Rottweiler breeders over a pet store. For important Rottweiler information you should check out this article.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pug Rescue

Pugs are small, adorable dogs, popularly kept as house pets all over the world. At first sight, a Pug might resemble a small bulldog or a miniature mastiff. However, this breed is totally unique, with its heavily wrinkled, flat, round face.

Pugs originated in China in about 700 BC and as trade routes grew, the breed spread across to Europe and America. The dog is characterized by a big, round head, short, stocky body and a tail that is curled tightly over the hip. The Pug is a very sociable dog, but can be stubborn at times. They tend to shed a lot more than other dogs in the same category and also have a tendency to snore. They are also susceptible to several diseases, including an inflammation of the brain, a disease unfortunately specific to the breed.

Despite their loving disposition and cute appearance, Pugs are abandoned across the US every day. The reasons for these are many. In some cases, the owner might find the dog a burden as it might require more attention and time than the person is willing to give. Some Pugs are abandoned because they develop some disease or illness at an early stage. It is a sad sight to see these poor helpless animals suffer. However, all hope is not lost as several non-profit organizations look after such homeless dogs.

Pug rescue takes place on a large scale in all US states, with each having several organizations dedicated to this cause. These organizations locate homeless and neglected Pugs and Pug crossbreeds. They work towards finding them better homes where they will be well cared and protected. These Pug rescue organizations take care of vaccinations and also treat the animal for any diseases and ailments. The organizations also provide foster homes for the animals until they find a loving family.

Several Pug rescue missions run adoption centers. All applications that come in for Pug adoption are carefully screened before giving away the dog. These organizations, along with their caring volunteers, help give these innocent creatures a new life.

Pugs provides detailed information on Pugs, Pug Puppies, Pug Puppies For Sale, Pug Rescue and more. Pugs is affiliated with Pitbulls Info.

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