Friday, November 30, 2007

Ban Dog Fighting - By Eric Hartwell

Today, dog fighting is recognized as a sinister underground organized crime that is sought to be eradicated by the law.

This blood sport, though once favored by aristocracy and supported by the many, is now never free from the prying eyes of the laws that now protect not only pit bulls but other animals used is bull baiting as well.

Dog fighting may be a popular event for many, but it is illegal in the United States of America and most of the rest of the world.

Dog fighting may be a form of entertainment but it violates the rights of animals to live freely away from harm.

Sad to say that, no matter what punishment awaits those who act against the laws that protect these dogs from being utilized in such violent events, even more are being lured into the underworld of this blood sport.

Furthermore, this only reflects the brutality and inhumane nature of men that is slowly prevailing in our society today.

Dog fighting is a secretive sport known only to those in the circle of knowledge. A recent tragic event, culminating in the death of a small child from the injuries sustained from a fighting dog, has highlighted, in the UK, the very nature of a fighting dog and how their aggression can be turned onto humans as well as other dogs.

The sport (if it can be called that) is not only inhumane and illegal but also barbaric - in my opinion it engenders a sense of lawlessness in the owners as well as in the fighting population as a whole.

Ban dog fighting to save the dogs, the innocent victims of dog aggression and society.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Dog's Day Out

Recently I have a chance to see a pet show in my city. Almost all the breeds flooded the show ranging from Great Dane to Tiny poodle.

Pet show Organizer is my friend. So I have been given a descent seat in the front row itself. All the dogs performed well. But most of the viewers smile at a dog with dark eyes looking soberly out from a tangle of hair that is often soaking wet and muddy. I inquired about this dog and finally concluded that it is OTTERHOUND BREED.

I heard that this breed is a friend of fisherman as it was bred to drive out the otters streams and rivers of
Great Britain and thus to preserve the livelihood fisherman. But it didn't won the prize.

Actually the winner was a
boxer, which is brindle in color. Although it is not that much attractive, it won the prize as it is within the breeding standards. It was well trained one. It outnumbered all the dogs in the performance.

Most of the press people and also the dog lovers have taken the brindle boxer pics
for their remembrance. Me too.. But my camera ditched me because I have forgotten to fix the roll properly inside the camera.

Any how, I got a perfect information about the
Otterhound breed. Hats off to the show organizer...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Keys to Dog Nutrition By Neequaye Kotey

The food you choose to feed your puppy during the first year is critical to his adult development, health and growth. It is said that we are what we eat and if this is true for humans, then it is true for dogs as well. Therefore it is important for every dog owner to know what food is good for the dog and how much to give it.

Protein is the most important ingredient in the diet of a dog. Amino acid in protein is important in the structural make up of the immune system of the dog. They can also be burned as calories and the excess stored as fat. Fat and minerals like calcium and phosphorous help build strong bones and muscles. They also provide an abundance of energy for growth and play. We can prevent certain diseases through dieting of the dog; this helps them to live longer and have healthier lives.

Carbohydrate is another source of energy however if not fed correctly can course a lot of problems for the dog.

The addition of fiber in dog foods has many benefits. Additional fiber sources helps in the management of obesity. In this case, additional fiber in the food increases its bulkiness and makes the dog feel full without adding calories. Diarrhoea and constipation are controlled by the fiber absorbing extra moisture in the case of diarrhoea and releasing moisture in the case of constipation. A diet high in fiber helps control the sugar levels in the blood stream of the dog thereby helping to deal with diabetes mellitus in dogs.

Foods to avoid.

Chocolate: This is dangerous for dogs. These end up poisoning the dogs because once the dog eats one, it begins to crave for more and it may end up eating to such an extent that it poisons the dog.

Sweet biscuits: These are high in fat but low in nutritional value.

Raw cooked bones: These can splinter and may stick in the throat or intestine. They could also damage teeth and may cause constipation.

Grapes: These can be dangerous for dogs.

Finally, learn how to read the labels of dog foods so that you can determine which one is good for your dog. Know that there are different breeds of dogs and each one of them have different nutritional need. No single dog food may meet all the nutritional needs of your dog so simply choose the best among what is available.

Neequaye is a Pastor, a Teeacher, an Entrepreneur on and offline as well as a freelance writer. The Author is the webmaster of and you can find more information on my blog.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Perfect Tips for Training Your Puppies

Do you what is the perfect age for training you puppies? Training a puppy should begin at the age of 6 to 8 weeks old. The best way to train dog obedience is positive reinforcement.

Positive training helps you pup to learn a lot quicker as it wants to please you. Pups are more or less equal to a baby, which wants to please you. Only thing is you ought to teach them "HOW". Once your pup have learnt the secret of pleasing you, it will feel as a part and parcel of your family.

The pups will grasp the command you are trying to teach at the earliest possible time once you persuade the pup with rewarding a treat and a positive praise. The reward may include a tiny treat-the size of a dime or a small piece of chicken.

If you want to prevent your pup eating off your table, it is not useful to scold your pup while doing so. Allow the pup to lie down on the bed, when it is a time for you to dine. Train the dog to eat his or her own dog food than any other thing.

Preventing your puppy to bite is also an important part of training. If your puppy is biting your hand while playing with him, suddenly stop the game and keep quiet. Then only, it will know that you do not like the act of biting. If you laugh or praise the pup while biting, you’ll face serious consequences in the ensuing days.

Although these are simple tips to train your puppy, it might be useful to bring your dog as a perfect family member. Moreover, if your dog already crossed 10 weeks, don’t hesitate to train the dog—It is better late than never!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Music for Solo Dogs

Do you know YOUR dog love music? Are you amazed? YES!!! Most of the dog owners are unaware about this fact.

You can start playing music for him when you were away from home, so that he wouldn't be lonely, and when you returned, you always found him happy and relaxed, sitting in front of the CD player.

Not only the classical songs for the dog, but also Paramore songs found to be useful to keep your pet busy.

Most of the online shops are also selling CDs and MP3 songs for the dogs. In those musical albums, they cover all aspect required for a dog right from the arrival song to napping song.

Actually music times is really a fun for the dog and you—so watch the music along with your dog relax and sit down. Once you’re away from your home, don’t worry about your dog. He/She will be not alone in the home. Just press the CD for replay and your pet is having really happy hours…

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Feeding your dog requires your attention. For sure, you only want to give your pet the best possible care. Each breed of dog needs to follow a certain diet to keep them strong and healthy. And so you need to provide healthy dog food recipes for them. Here are good suggestions:

1. Sautéed Liver. Dogs love flavorful meals. Liver suits their taste buds well. Cut the liver into small pieces and sauté them in a teaspoon of corn oil. Fry the liver on each side until cooked but not dry. Serve accordingly. Then watch your dog savour the healthy dog food recipes you prepared.

2. Chicken Stew. Dogs may not like the taste of boiled chicken, but they also need it to stay healthy. When preparing chicken stew for dogs, make sure you carefully remove the bones and chop the meat coarsely. Add chicken liver and heart for better flavor. Don't put any salt. Dogs don't need salt. The ones naturally present in foods are sufficient.

3. Mackerel Treat. Do you know that dogs love fish too? No doubt that this, along with other healthy dog food recipes is good for cats as well. Fry one small mackerel in a teaspoon of corn oil. The mackerel is cooked when it flakes easily. Remove the bones. Add half a cup of hot water into the skillet where the mackerel is fried. Scrape the brown bits and add the juice to the meal.

Keep your pets strong with these healthy dog food recipes. Keep in mind that you have to make sure that your dog eats a balanced diet. Giving them these treats will surely make both of you and your dog happy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Meanings for Simple Dog Training Commands

Before starting the dog training, you should know the logic behind each and every command. The exercises your pup will learn are all meaningful.

Logic for Each Simple Dog Command

SIT: An exercise of control. The pup is in a sitting position,calm and under control. If his rear is on the floor, he cannot be jumping round, thrashing about, ramming himself into you or your friends. The pup is under control.

STAND: The pup is an upright position, on all 4’s. This exercise enables grooming, vet visits, bathing or nail cutting much,much easier because the pup learns to stand still for an examination.

RECALL: Your pup will learn to COME back to you no matter what is going on around it. The importance of this exercise goes without saying, IT IS LIFESAVING and extremely important.

HEEL: This is a movement exercise where the pup learns to walk quietly beside you without struggling, jumping or pulling on the leash. You will take your pup for a walk rather than the other way around.

DOWN: Another exercise of control. The pup is positioned in a lying down position. This is a calming exercise you will use repeatedly whenever you want the pup to settle down and have quiet time.

LET’S GO: This is the energy burn off exercise that will help save your house from destruction. As an added bonus, you are teaching the puppy to move from one area to another with you, within a certain perimeter of yourself. Taught properly, this is a handy command for later on when your pup is trained and ready to be off of the leash.

Hiking trails, parks, beaches or just in-yard use would be the most likely places to use this. Perhaps dog sports are in your pup’s future. This foundation command works well for keeping your dog with you in agility.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Stop Dog Whining - Demosthenes Damon

Dog whining is one of the top irritating things about a pet. Many dog owners would like to stop dog whining, but this is a challenging thing and not many succeed. Still, there are some tricks that you can use to prevent and stop dog whining and not have this issue anymore.

The sooner the better, this is the rule. As a pup, the dog must be trained not to whine, and this is one of the most effective methods to solve the problem. However, this is a more complex issue, so you need to go into things even deeper. You should detect the grounds for which your dog whines, making all that terrible noise. Dogs communicate mainly through barking and whining. Whining means as a rule that the dog is scared, disappointed, and lonely or it has some sort of pain or illness. Identify the cause why your dog whines. In case your dog has never whined before, but suddenly starts doing so, this is a clear sign of illness. So, pay a visit to the vet and you can stop dog whining at once. If your dog has other reasons to whine, this means that some sort of obedience training is needed. Don’t punish your dog because it whines, you will cause more fear, your dog will be even more scared and you won’t stop dog whining.

The dog whining is also caused by the fact that your dog cannot deal with you being away. If you train your dog properly and from an early stage of its life, you can stop dog whining. You can do this by playing with your dog for a short while and then leave to a place where your dog cannot see you. It will start to whine. Try not to be impressed by that and let your dog alone. Running to take your pup into your arms will not help. It will only let your dog know that it can control you. Train yourself not to go straight away to your dog and this is great. Your dog will stop whining after a while. However, this period of whining is around a few minutes. Still, if your dog continually whines, you need to use some words of disapproval such as Bad! Or No!, and then wait for it to stop whining. Play like this for a while and your dog will learn that you will come back and will deal with separation easily and will not whine anymore. Make sure your praise your dog if it behaves well, and this is a guarantee that whining is excluded from your dog’s repertoire.

So, if you want to stop dog whining, follow the above tricks. Understand why your dog expresses itself like this and train it as well as yourself to make sure you don’t encourage whining. It might not be an easy process, but it is worth it and you will have a well behaved dog.

Demosthenes Damon is an article writer and dog lover. To learn more about his the reviews of dog training products please visit or click Dog Training

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