Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dog Euthanasia - Is it Ethical?

Long long age, so long ago, dog Euthanasia is considered to be ethical for animals that could not be saved. Nowadays it is considered to be unethical even though it is clearly known that you can't save the dog. Do you think it is good for an ailing dog? Euthasia is nothing but putting the dog into death painlessly.

Following are the reasons for dog euthanasia-

1) Incurable diseases such as Transmissible veneral tumor, etc.
2) Dogs in Coma

What is your opinion about dog euthanasia?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Things to Think Before Selecting a Puppy from Puppies Sale Shop

Congratulations for bringing a new member to your family!!!Buying a puppy from puppies for sale shop is a welcome decision. Still, you should know how to select a puppy for adding him/her into your family.

You should not enter into a shop, once you spot a board - "puppies for sale". You should think twice before entering into such shops as most of them are money-minded and they are getting puppies form puppy mills.

Before opting a puppy for your family, you should check what is the correct age of your pup. The perfect age to buy a puppy is seven weeks. The puppy should be allowed to drink mother's milk to get vital nutrients though the milk. If possible, ask the puppy shop to show the stud dogs that is being used to sire a bitch.

Analyse the shop owner perfectly before choosing a puppy. You should have thorough knowledge about the dietary requirments, dog diseases and also fair knowledge about the dogs. The shop owner should treat the puppies just like that of his own children. The period for which he is working in this sales should be asked and be confirmed to purchase a puppy.

As puppy is a new borne creature, don't go so close to play and also give some freedom but don't let it mess up too much. Build a place for sleeping, walking etc.

If you see a sign board dogs for sale next time, you should educate the pet owners with different tips to get a good dog.

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