Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Treat Lyme disease in dogs?

Learning about Lyme disease is important for dog owners because it can be transmitted from dogs to humans quite easily. It has been recently discovered in the west and northern parts of the US. "How to treat Lyme disease in dogs?" is a million dollar question.

The main source of infection is deer tick. The definitive hosts for this ticks are the white tailed deer and white-footed mice. The ticks will suck the blood from these animals until it come to contact to other host.

If these animals (deer or white-footed mice) come to contact with your dog, your dog will be affected with this tick. As the tick bite is painless, the dogs won't show any distress of tick biting. These ticks can attach themselves to ears, neck, feat or head.

The affected dogs will show elevated temperature, loss of appetite, and joint swelling. There might be inflammation just below your dog's coat. So do check the coat for the presence of inflammatory nodules.

Once you noticed so much of ticks, immediately consult your vet to get rid of these ticks. A single shot of Ivermectin will do the rest. Don't wait till your dog get covered with ticks as it will transmit the Lyme disease to you also.

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