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Starting a Mobile Dog Grooming Business

There are plenty of people who are getting just a little bit frazzled by having to cart their big hairy dogs, medium sized hairy dogs and little hairy dogs to the dog grooming salon. Maybe they make the trip once a week, fortnightly or monthly but then the car has to be cleaned afterward. Because of the limited time people have in a fast paced world, mobile dog grooming is fast becoming a highly popular option.

There you have it - a business opportunity handed to you on a platter. The rule book states where there is demand, supply is always welcome. Go to it; turn your love of animals into a profitable livelihood. Keep reading to find out what you will need and the steps you will need to take to get started.

The number one essential you will need is the mobile van. You will have to take into consideration a few factors so don't go rushing off - take time to read through this article first.

The first consideration is size, there are environmental and space concerns to be considered. A bigger trailer will mean more gas consumption and this will be coming out of your profit so pay attention. Talk about maneuvering this behemoth in traffic; you will be braking constantly putting a strain on the brakes and suspension of the vehicle which will lead to increased vehicle maintenance costs. The sensible thing to do is to find a trailer that is easy on maintenance and does not present towing difficulties.

Price is a huge consideration but with a little bit of time invested in research you can find companies that sell mobile pet grooming vehicles that are professionally outfitted to let you get started right away. You will get a professional pet washing tub, dryer, pet lift, waterproof floor that is also non skid and walls covered with aluminum to prevent moisture damage. You also have anti corrosive cabinets for you to store your stuff. Many of the companies will also help you with financing as well should you need it.

Make sure you to get the most out of your mobile trailer by covering it with some highly attractive advertisement pictures. Make sure that your contact details are very clearly painted on the trailer and can be seen front, back and on both sides as well.

With a reliable trailer in tow and the right equipment on board you are ready to roll!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Common Dog Skin Conditions You Should Know About

Dog skin conditions are common enough occurrences that beleaguer the poor animal and owner alike. The good thing is that they are frequently more annoying than fatal. However, it is still a discomfort that our dogs can do without. Some of these skin conditions are avoidable and easily treatable as long as you have correctly determined what it is.

Parasitic skin diseases, as the name implies, is generally caused by parasites. They usually congregate in sandy and grassy areas and will hop on to their host whenever given the opportunity. Ear mice, lice and ticks latch on to the dog and irritate the dog. He goes on to scratch relentlessly until his skin opens, which then becomes a breeding ground for further infections.

Fungal skin infections can be determined through red circular welts found on the dog's skin. The ringworm is typically found in soil so the canine is exposed to this particular infection often. The affected areas are usually the head and legs and when it is not treated early enough, will spread to the other parts of the body as well.

Humans can also contract ringworm so you must take care that you have your pet regularly checked for this particular skin disorder. Specially formulated shampoos and medications should be applied immediately. The person who administers the medication should wash his hands thoroughly afterwards to avoid the spreading ringworm infections.

Hormonal canine skin diseases are caused by inherited abnormalities in the thyroid glands, adrenal glands, pituitary glands, testicles and ovaries. The dog with this condition will manifest hair loss throughout his body. It is harder to diagnose and blood tests must be undertaken.

Bacterial infections are another canine skin condition that looks like an itchy and yellow pus-similar to human acne. Usually, these bacteria are developed because of the dog's relentless scratching and chewing on his own skin. There are antibiotic shampoos that can help eradicate this problem.

Allergic skin infections are another common disease our pets have to deal with. Dog skin allergies can be contracted through unfavorable food substances, insect bites or even inhaled substances. When allergic reactions set in, the dog will bite, chew and scratch the area and further infect it. This type of condition can be contracted by dogs of any age and breed, and will manifest in all areas of the canine's body.

Ask the vet on how to best manage dog skin allergies. The vet may prescribe some antihistamines and corticosteroids to alleviate the discomfort so the dog can stop self-mutilation. Be careful though that these drugs are not taken for too long as it may damage the dog's internal systems in the long run. Look for natural products that can address this particular condition safely.

Whatever dog skin conditions that your pet might be suffering from - there are ways and means to make sure that he can be properly treated. It is important that you correctly diagnose his condition to obtain the appropriate treatment. Visit the vet regularly to hinder the progress of any canine sicknesses.

Knowing about dog skin allergies will equip you to alleviate your pet's discomfort. You can get more thorough information on dog skin conditions at Healthy Happy Dogs - the premier holistic dog health website.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dog Training - Dealing With Barking

It took years of delicate breeding and domestication before dogs learned how to bark. This wasn't always a natural thing that they did in the past, especially when it came to doing this for specific needs as they do today. Dogs bark because we've trained them to do such over the years.

You don't hear wolves bark, do you? They howl, but they'll never do it as regularly as our canine companions do. It is a completely different thing for dogs. They developed their barking skill to a greater extent to help their owners on farms and to frighten intruders. This only took place over the last few centuries as the different breeds of dogs became more domesticated.

Getting attention, showing their excitement for certain things and communicating with their owners are some of the reasons why dogs bark. This makes it much easier for them to communicate with their masters, as their use of emotions with respect to barking makes it much easier for them to let us know what's on their mind.

Rewarding your dog for barking will only motivate him to do it more. Of course, you'll need to carefully control the stimuli that affect their disposition since you don't want them making noise at anything and everything that impacts their attitude. So why not investigate first on what your dog wants to tell you so you can have a good start?

Try to decode what your dog is trying to express if he is barking too much, instead of simply yelling at him to stop. This is the natural tendency that most of us have, but there's a way to curb this all. Do not give in to your dog's bark instantly. Instead, refuse to notice them and wait until they stop before giving them what they want.

Rewarding your dog's barking with attention will make the action stronger. If you'll wait for your dog to stop barking before giving him attention, it will teach him he'll get things if he will quiet first.

Unfortunately, there are dogs that are very territorial. They will bark at you even if you are just merely walking or passing by.

Distract your dog to stop barking. Draw his attention to you by playing with him or giving him some treats. The bark cycle could be broken this way and thus making your pet learn that he'll get things by keeping his mouth shut.

Take time to give importance to your dog's communication needs if you want less stress. You will both win from this situation because he will get the attention he wants and you on the other hand will have serenity at home.

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